The Domain Name System (DNS) essentially provides a phone directory for the Internet. You might want to type in apple.com to your web browser to buy iPhone accessories, but how will your request reach Apple’s web server at IP address That’s what the domain name record system does for us.

If you’re a small business owner or WordPress blogger, you’ve probably been told to configure your A and CNAME records. Or, that time you tried to move your email, you were told to change your MX record. Or, a cool web service asked you to set up a TXT record before it would work with you. What’s all this for, and why is it so confusing?

In one of my favorite new tutorials at Tuts+, I write about the Internet’s DNS system and guide you through configuring records for the common requirements of everyday technology consultants and business owners. It’s especially helpful for setting up a new website.

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Configuring DNS Records